My Year End Review with the amazing Samsung #NX300 & #GalaxyNX Camera

This past spring I was fortunate enough to be chosen as one of the few participants around the country to help test out the new Samsung NX300 camera.  My job as a photographer, mom, part time blogger, and NYC resident creates the perfect storm to be exposed to some pretty cool scenes.  Having my NX300 in hand has forced me to become more aware of my surroundings, look closer for inspiration, and “up” my game with our friendly competition.  Speaking of competition, I am surrounded  by some phonoemenal photographers and feel extremely lucky to be in their company.

This photo was taken in lower Manhattan where my family resides….I was testing out my NX300 for the first time and giving my husband some Father’s Day photos to remember…..SAMSUNG CSC

The Samsung Nx300 is a mirrorless digital camera that boasts a full 20.3 megapixel system.  I won’t bore you with any more statistics but the single best feature is the built in Wi-Fi…. love this!  It is super easy to transfer a photo from camera to phone and post immediately to any social media outlet.


My family has lots of adventures that takes us all around Manhattan and the surrounding areas.  Coney Island was a memorable trip with my tiny 2 month old daughter and 4yr. old son this past Spring.  Standing so close to the Iconic rides was truly awesome!  I loved the bright colors and the killer blue sky didn’t hurt!  Even a flash rain shower didn’t slow us down….. The Coney Island Boardwalk and Nathan’s is always bustling.








My daughter’s first 4th of July.. captured with the 18-55 lens which I rarely take off !  Being a family photographer in Manhattan, I am obssessed with sharpness and details in the features and LOVE close ups (hence below).



I visit my family in Texas a few times a year and this past summer I really tried to seek out some “off the beaten path” places for inspiration.  My father has worked  for the Railroad his entire adult life and suggested we take a trip to the rail yards in Fort Worth. I captured this photo below and jazzed it up with some filters and was beyond thrilled with the results. I gave my Dad a metal print of this image below for Christmas this year and he loved it! He told me he has driven this particular engine numerous times…



We also spent a good part of the summer in Westhampton, NY this summer.  This is probably one of my favorite shots with the Nx300. One of our Imagelogger assignments was to capture “speed”.  Obviously this is a spoof on speed with my son in his Grandfather’s fast ride but it did win me the contest which was very exciting!


The picture below was my runner up submittal to the contest….. My little Superhero! Taken with the NX300



The Hampton Classic seemed like the perfect venue to capture some great photos this summer.  The picture below was taken with my NX300.  Many shots were taken, but I was finally happy with the overall composition of this one!


Speaking of the Hamptons, I always carried my Nx300 with me to my Family portrait sessions on the beach. I felt so lucky to be privy to such beauty each and every time I stepped on the sand. The Nx300 never dissapointed transcending the scene to the camera.  The on the go Wi-Fi allowed me to instantly upload and edit on my iPhone and post immediately.  “Shoot Fast, Share Faster”



Not every scene as is glamorous as an empty beach on a gorgeous day, but nontheless I really love the New York City city feel of this photo. It was taken in Soho on a summer day and I can feel the pace of the streets when I look at this picture.  As I mentioned, this program has allowed me to challenge myself and push my photos to a place where they have never been.  A fellow teammate and phenomenal street photographer mentioned this in a camera training… “It doesn’t matter how you get there, as long as you get there”.  If you are interested in adjusting your own settings on a camera, the Nx300 allows for this! There are endless settings and options including video that the user can adjust if they choose for maximum control.



My summers in the city are always full of work, play, and more work.  My hub for photo shoots is most definitely Central Park. I know the park inside and out and almost feel like it is my second home. I love the park in every season and know exactly how the light will fall at certain times,  which areas have nice flowers, or what will make parents Ooh and Awwh when they see a particular area in the park.  Most photographers stay away from the touristy sections, however, they are touristy for a reason! I jump in and take advantage of it all! In between my shoots, once again, I carried my Nx300 this year and captured some of my favorite Central Park scenes…..




When entering the West Side of the park, I always walk through Strawberry Fields which is the tribute area to John Lennon. Although completely packed with tourists and unable to move… one week day morning I got lucky….. This is such an iconic part of the park and everyone behave so respectively and all in all it’s a special spot!


NYC is the perfect backdrop for photographers. At every turn there can be something of interest.  One of our favorite places as a family to walk around at is the South Street Seaport.  There is always something going on and the water views can be breathtaking at sunset….. My Nx300 made every trip with us! Well actually there was this “one” trip when I forgot my camera and i’m still kicking myself when I think about the sunset that was over the Hudson……haha

This photo was  taken with my 18-55mm lens.  I love the way the water meets the city…. everything’s a tight squeeze in Manhattan!


The Samsung image logger program also introduced the Galaxy NX camera this past year as well. Although it did take some getting used to, I was able to produce some favorite images that I am proud to post.  The Galaxy NX is also a mirrorless camera that is a hybrid based on the Android system.  You can basically use your camera as your smartphone, etc… pretty amazing!

The South Street Seaport offered a Smorgasboard of outdoor restaurants this summer. In an effort to revive the seaport post Hurricane Sandy, the community really came together and supported local vendors.  This photo was taken with the Galaxy.


This photo was also taken with the Galaxy NX.  Brooklyn can be seen at a distance and I love the alignment of the sail boat in the horizon….


Landmark buildings are all over Manhattan. I have been to Grand Central countless times, but this past year was the 100th anniversary and I love the temporary numbers in this photo!


This photo below was taken with my Galaxy NX.  I had to take a trip to the Lower East Side and of course I brought along my camera.  When I stepped on the subway, I could not believe it was completely empty! What a sight.  As per a client request, this image is being enlarged as a large scale acrylic photo … I think it will look fantastic!

photo 1-2

This photo below was taken with my NX300.  The typically very busy Bryant Park looks all but abandoned on this cold night.  I love the lights in this photo and how they illuminate the pathway…..

photo 2-2

It amazes me sometimes how this tiny little camera that is so very light can capture such powerful images.  This building is on Broadway downtown and the photo was taken from my Galaxy NX.


During the Holidays in the city, the buildings are so gorgeous all dressed up in silver and gold.  This photo below was taken inside Chelsea Market which is one of my favorite indoor places to walk around but even more so during the holidays…..Taken with my NX300.


My last photo comes from my recent trip to Texas for the Holidays.  We went to the top of Reunion Tower and I was able to get this shot by sticking my small NX300 through the bars in the outside perimeter.  The Dallas Skyline always seemed larger to life to me as a kid and in this picture that holds true! Happy New Year and here’s to 2014!