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Creating a space with Delta Children

In many respects I feel like my circle is complete with the recent birth of my third child. I have a very different attitude this last go around.  This is not an attitude of anything goes but actually just the opposite. I am now more than ever concerned with providing only the very best for the last of my children. Continue reading Creating a space with Delta Children

Jak & Peppar – Girls Fashion

I recently discovered a girls clothing line for my daughter that is so unique and boho fabulous! Just like any child, my daughter does not like to be confined with irritating fabrics or constricting styles. Jak & Peppar has done an excellent job of pairing stylish, unique clothes with a super fun mix and match style. The clothes are extremely detailed and the colors are exceptional. You can literally pair any of the collections together to create a unique look.

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TwirlyGirl – It takes a twirl to raise a girl

TwirlyGirl is a company I recently had the pleasure of discovering. This company is so awesome because they truly celebrate everything it means to  “be a girl”. Twirly girl completely embraces the power of the girl and urges a young girl and tween to run, play, do cartwheels, and of course twirl!

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Celebrating my newest arrival with Belabumbum

It is with pleasure that I am writing my latest article after the arrival of my newest bundle of joy.  Our daughter, Harlow Gray Cohen, was born on August 15th at 8:02AM.  She has a full head of hair (as I suspected given my severe heartburn) and a huge appetite just like her big brother.  She has a sweet temperament that only a 3rd child could have and I have already caught myself tossing everything else to the side as I savor every last second with this sweet little baby girl.    We are still adjusting as a family of 5 but with that said…. Life is good! I secretly wish Harlow the best of luck keeping up with her very busy family that is constantly on the go and hope she enjoys all the adventures we will take her on!

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Delta Children’s Furniture – Safety Comes First

I recently visited the warehouse and testing facility for Delta Children’s Furniture. It was an eye opening experience as I have always been curious how children’s products are tested before they reach the hands of consumers.  If we are placing our most precious cargo in furniture we are buying online or in store, how can we really know every possible measure has been taken to ensure safety standards?  After my day at the Delta testing facility I feel completely confident safety is their #1 priority in making sure Delta products exceed all industry testing standards. Continue reading Delta Children’s Furniture – Safety Comes First