Cuddl Duds & ClimateSmart – The “new” layering

When I recently came across the name “Cuddl Duds“, my ears perked up! I have been wearing and loving these warms layers since my mom would buy them for me growing up.  In my mind I have only known cuddle duds to be a very functional, wear only “under” clothes, or “sleep in” type of clothing on those freezing cold nights. I am here to tell you ……. not the case any more! Cuddl Duds has re-launchd their brand and image into a completely wearable, stylish, and amazing comfort loungewear line.  No need to hide any longer! Continue reading

Joovy TooFold at Disneyland

It Takes Two! Double Strollers by Joovy

Living in Manhattan I am constantly checking out other strollers on the street. It’s almost an obsession I would say. I am constantly on the look out for a new model or improvement for a stroller to have in the city. I have so many requirements that no one stroller can fit every need.  This is why, in an urban area, families have multiple strollers.  After almost 6 years, and 2 kids later I feel I have either tried or am trying a  majority of styles and strollers.  In return, I have become somewhat of an expert and offer my advice whenever asked. Continue reading


Adventures by Disney and Disney Cruise Lines… I am ready to go – now!

My 13-month-old daughter and I attended a Disney event in Times Square. We learned about the latest and “greatest” vacation offerings to date. The 2015 Adventures by Disney guided tour vacations and the new 2014 itineraries and ports destinations for Disney Cruise Line will have families all over the world booking the experience of a lifetime. Continue reading


Spring and Summer 2014 fashion with Biscotti by Kate Mack

If you are a mom to a new baby girl such as I , then you will completely understand why you suddenly feel you have lost your mind while shopping.  The little girls clothes have never been cuter (ok maybe they have but I tried not to notice). Continue reading